Eagle Studios NCW Calendar

Kid's Learning & Patriotic ...

We are currently working on developing material! New music coming out shortly!

Events Upcoming

Possible Kinderfest Festival participation July  4th 2018               

         Leavenworth Washington


preparing music theater for Harvest Festival Wenatchee talent submission

Currently Performance Rehersals are scheduled on Eagle EMS Calendar:   https://eagleemstraining.com/eagle-ems-calendar

Harvest Festival & Other Fall Events

Currently practicing for fall events...also

Upcoming Independance Day Song list will include:

       Star Spangled Banner

       Fifty Nifty United States

       America The Beautiful

                 and more...


Searching for Talent

Eagle Studios is frequently searching for Children & Adults near Wenatchee, Washington who love the stage!

Inquire at 509-668-7137 or send us a message!